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POEA Accredited Agencies
The Philippine Overseas Employment Administration or POEA is the government agency that is responsible for improving the advantages of the Philippines' overseas employment program. Created in the 1982 by Executive Order 797 in order to improve and control the employment of Filipino workers overseas. In 1987 by the Executive Order 247, POEA effectively reorganized itself to include the following diverse functions: To react to changes in the markets and also the economic condition and to reinforce the protection of workers and other regulatory parts of the overseas employment program. As the lead government agency, it is POEA's task to monitor and oversee all recruitment agencies in the Philippines.When you try searching for jobs in a country of your interest at the POEA website, you what you will find are the details of a suitable positions and the recruitment agency that will process your application. The immediate next step you must take is to find out if this recruitment agency is registered as a POEA accredited agency. 

Where to Find Job Abroad? 

Remember that agencies have to continually renew their licenses and accreditation. So before applying make sure that the agency has valid accreditation issued by the POEA. In order to do this all you have to do is to get on the POEA website. It does provide a way for you to check if your agency is accredited.The POEA accredits all the recruitment agencies which have a good standing. If you find that the agency you approached has been cancelled or delisted then do not go ahead with your application. What a POEA accreditation essentially means is that the recruitment agency has been legally authorized by the government of Philippines to recruit Filippinos into the overseas employment program. It also means that the agency agrees to follow the POEA standards in its conduct of business. 

At this juncture, it is safe for you to go ahead and contact the agency about the requirements to apply for the interested job offer.The task the POEA has been entrusted with is the weeding out of the many fake recruitment agencies that cheat the Flippinos who are in search of better jobs abroad. In places where there is an abundance of outflow of migrant workers, illegal recruitment agencies are very prominent. It is so prominent that the POEA has a hard time trying to bring these culprits to book for cheating Filippinos in their own country.There are many fake recruitment agencies which operate without proper license and often pose as experts in the field of migration making migrant workers believe that they have valid licenses to get them jobs abroad. Mostly the truth is that they are just licensed to coach migrants-to-be in skills to make an easy transition to living abroad in the country that they have chosen.All prospective job seekers under the POEA program should know that there are several thousand accredited recruitment agencies in Philippines out of which almost 15-30 percent of them get their licensed cancelled every year for a major vilation of the POEA rules or for not complying with them.For the advantage of Filipino workers who plan to take up work abroad here is a quick take on the process of licensing that a recruitment agency with a potential for accreditation has to go through:

1. The recruitment agency must produce a valid document from the employers abroad proving that there is in fact a job order.
2. They should possess a Special Power of Attorney
3. They should have with them a manpower request from the employer abroad
4.They will also have to produce a Copy of Business LicenseAfter this process, the POEA, with its batch of investigators who follow up on these items, will make sure that all the dealings and businesses of this agency are fair and over ground. It is only once the investigators are completely satisfied that the license and accreditation request is moved along to other higher authorities within the agency.

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